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  • Audit all areas of expense (elec, gas, phone, etc.)
  • Generate a claim to various utilities for overcharges.
  • Proper or recalculation of Federal, State and Local taxes.
  • Electric, gas, water/sewer rate analysis and billing error correction.
  • Review of alternate energy usage and efficiency models.
  • Third party supplier analysis and negotiation.
  • Total telecommunications system configuration analysis.
  • Assist in demand side management programs.
  • Scrutinize the data used for worker’s comp. premiums.
  • Secure lower than market rates for waste removal.
  • Dedicated experts in each area skilled in deciphering your bills.
  • Local, long distance and data review for reduction and on-going savings.

CENTURY (Utility Management Consultants) SERVICES INCLUDE

  • Thorough audits of energy, telecommunications, water/sewer and insurance bills in search of
    discrepancies and billing errors.
  • Comparison of usage against alternate rate models to assure a “best fit” with currently available rate offerings
    (a task becoming more and more complex as deregulation progresses through the United States).
  • Where available, analysis of alternative sources of supply & associated contracts.
  • Periodic reevaluation of rates, carriers and tariffs (a necessity given the rapid rate of change in the industry today).
    Once you become a client, the CENTURY team continues to stand behind you, providing the best support available today.
  • Support in related areas e.g. telephone equipment replacement, vendor services, energy usage distribution.
  • Our services are contingency bases. We are compensated solely out of the savings we generate – a WIN-WIN situation.

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