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  How can there be overcharges on my utility bills?
I thought the government regulated those rates?
  Although utilities attempt to apply correct rates and any applicable riders, the final responsibility for choosing the most advantageous rates, as noted in the various PUC Tariffs, rests with the customer.  Furthermore, misreading of meters by the utilities can occur through transposing of meter readings, malfunctioning of meters such as double resets, and, of course, human error.
  We just changed telephone carriers and don’t want to change again. 
Why should I have an audit now?
  With our industry knowledge and contacts, we usually obtain better rates than are available to regular telephone customers.  Having said that, we often achieve surprising savings even without changing carriers.  We accomplish this through carrier negotiations and/or reconfiguration of your telecommunications system to properly align it with your actual usage.  For example, we recently achieved a reduction of over 35% in the telecommunications billings of an auto repair facility without any change of carrier.  Also, errors do occur on bills and in telephone carrier’s contracts. At the very least, you want to be sure you are not paying more than the rates you were promised. 
  What will your services cost me?
  With our contingency-based plan you have no out of pocket cost.  Our fee is based on a percentage of the amount we recover for you either in the form of a cash refund, credit to your account, or current reduced charges.   No savings for you, no fee for us, and no fee for us until you actually realize the savings.
  Will the process take a lot of my time and the time of our people?
  Once we receive the necessary paperwork, we work primarily off site with minimal disruption to your business.  When our analysis is complete we provide you with a written report.  Upon your agreement we then work with you to implement the changes.
  How far back in time can you go?
  As far as the statute of limitations in your state permits, usually three or four years.
  How long will the audit take and when will I start to see savings?
  There are many variables, but three to six months is typical for an audit.  You can expect to see savings starting the month after audit recommendations are implemented.
  How do we get started?
  Return to us our signed agreement and letter of authorization (to permit the utilities to provide us with your billing information).  Along with that we usually only need you to provide us with one current month’s bill; we get the remaining billing history from the utility. (Electric audits will require more copies).


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